A Short horror film



This is a story about the search for identity. With the lead character growing up in foster care and as an adult  trying to find the missing puzzle piece of where she comes from. With the help of modern technology and DNA testing she is able to make a connection with a biological relative, who invites her and her friends down to Louisiana. However with this new connection comes an old family secret tied to an urban legend that has been around for centuries. One that was suppose to stay hidden from her. It makes you wonder if you really want to know your real family, perhaps you were never meant to.



Mark of the Rougarou, is the most proud of our amazing Cast and Crew that poured their hearts into this passion project. Check out our IMDB for more on this talented bunch. 



Mark of the Rougarou is making its way through the festival circuit. Check back to see the latest festivals and awards. Plus go to our media page to hear interviews, read articles and any extras.


Mark of the Rougarou is making its way through festivals around the world. Check out our Festivals and Awards page to see the latest.


Here you will find any extra news that's going on with the film. Including interviews, opportunities and articles.



 Currently we just wrapped the post-production phase.  Want to help? We still would love any contributions so we can get into as many film festivals as possible! Shoot us an email for more information! Also if you would like to see the campaign we ran check out our Seed & Spark page. We did crowd fund enough to make this film a reality!  


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